DJ Mike Flanagan

A Better Disc Jockey?

What Makes a Better DJ?

Better DJs do much more than talk & play music.
Better DJs make parties memorable by keeping dance floors busy. They interact with your guests & rotate the music so everyone gets a chance to dance. 

Better DJs are created not because they own some stereo equipment & CDs or a laptop and Mp3's but because they learn through experience what works & how to adjust to make each event as perfect as possible.

Why take chances ruining your once in a lifetime event with a rookie DJ?

Too many mistakes & you lose your crowd, ruin your event & waste your money.  Turn your good time into a great time and make all your memories happy by getting a better dj that guides you through the decision making process on what can be a very stressful day. Difference in price can be as little as $50 so remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" . Get a Better DJ! Get Mike Flanagan.

Why Mike Flanagan is a Better DJ (please scroll down)
With over 15 years experience Mike's seen good & bad parties & will make your event as perfect as possible. How? Communication is key, listening to what you want, not telling you what to do.

With the experience to explain what may happen with most decisions you make Mike makes sure there is no guessing! No taking chances! He shares his knowledge with you to create your perfect event.

Mike understands one simple fact: he may have many years of experience with crowds of all sizes but he has none with you or your guests. You know them, he doesn't. So he trusts you to make the right decisions and abides by them. He never argues with his clients. You are the boss.

The worst choice you can make in planning an event is skimping on entertainment. The one thing all guests remember for years is whether or not they had fun, which a better DJ can ensure.

In life there are no "do-overs" or "time-outs" so why chance ruining your once in a lifetime event just to save a few dollars. Mike Flanagan has competitive pricing & detailed customer service.

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