DJ Mike Flanagan

Services Redding, Chico,

  • Emcee or Master of Ceremonies
  • DJ Entertainer or Disc Jockey
  • Small & Large Event Coordinator
  • Ordained Minister in California
  • Sound and Lighting Technician
Redding, Chico

What is a DJ? Redding, Chico

When you've been doing something for a long time it's easy to forget basic concepts as they become second nature and you just take it for granted. Recently I've had a rash of calls from potential clients that took me back to my roots as a DJ. When I started out there were DJ's and MC's; Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremony. One worked the turntables, the other worked the crowd via a microphone. As a beginner I often was given opening shifts as DJ. Often times later in the show the main DJ would be so into his mix that I would be required to make announcements. After I while I learned the basics of getting crowds to participate over the microphone as well as by playing the music selections that worked. As well as knowing genres of music, knowing how to arrange the songs is crucial to success. Looking back there is no way I could have started my DJ career doing life events such as wedding, reception, anniversary or any thing that had a cross section of ages. I needed those years of house parties and school dances to not only grow up but to experience the core concepts of DJing an event to evolve into the professional I am now.
Redding, Chico
Which brings me to my point. Today, just as in yesterday there are two types of DJs. Those who only play music and those that have evolved into both MC and DJ. I mention this as a lot of clients have been calling me with about a weeks notice to help them out after discovering that their DJ didn't talk or didn't play a variety of music. Now often times I am booked far in advance and I feel their pain as most times they've fallen into this trap by relying on friends or friends of friends promising a favor. I live by the moto "You Get What You Pay For". I shop at Walmart and something breaks? My fault for buying cheap. You get a DJ on the cheap and most times it ends in tears.
Redding, Chico
DJing takes lots of experience to learn not just the technical end like how "not" to blow up speakers or how "not" to chase people off the dance floor with poor music choices, it takes practice to talk in front of people. Learn what tone of voice works with certain audiences. You can't talk to a room full of Doctors as you would a room full of Cowboys. As I often say, a good DJ has more than lots of music and equipment he has lots of experiences. It's how he learns from the good and bad that makes him better.
Redding, Chico
Life events like Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Funerals are not the place to be generous and give a DJ or MC the chance to practice on your guests. Save the bargains for casual get togethers. Your guests will thank you and your memories will be much more pleasant and stress free.
Redding, Chico